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Easy Link 3: Workbook
Easy Link 3: WorkbookA theme-based reading series to help improve students' basic reading ability. It is a six-level curriculum integration reading program for low-beginner to beginner students. As an introductory reading series, "Easy Link" equips students with a solid foundation in reading comprehension. The series' theme-based curriculum helps students to improve their language abilities and acquire new knowledge from the interesting content presented in each of the passages. With multiple lessons for each theme, Easy Link allows students to develop a greater understanding of the curriculum and broaden the context of their learning beyond single-subject areas.
Big Science 4: Student Book

Big Science 4: Student BookBig Science is an inquiry-basedscience course for Primary English Language Learners. It's a great option for schools that teach science in English. They can explore, learn and discover science through English.

Big Science encourages learners to discover new ideas, test what they mean and evaluate their understanding of concepts. It combines a rich variety of content (print, audio, video) with inquiry-based activities, ensuring students are engaged and motivated.

Expert IELTS 7,5: Teachers Materials
Expert IELTS 7,5: Teachers MaterialsExpert IELTS is the new Expert course that trains students in all parts of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. While improving their scores and language proficiency, it helps students get the band score they need to achieve their goals, whether it’s a better job, university entrance or a visa.
  • .
Newsademic nr 326- British English edition with graded atricles

Newsademic nr 326- British English edition with graded atriclesThe Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has taken place in London. Queen Elizabeth the Second hosted it. What is the Commonwealth? Which countries make up its membership and why, as it leaves the European Union (EU), might Britain and its fellow Commonwealth members be working more closely together? The latest issue of Newsademic provides the answers.

26th April 2018

English Corpus Linguistics: Variation in Time, Space and Genre: Selected Papers from ICAME 32
English Corpus Linguistics: Variation in Time, Space and Genre: Selected Papers from ICAME 32As its title suggests, this book is a selection of papers that use English corpora to study language variation along three dimensions - time, place and genre. In broad terms, the book aims to bridge the gap between corpus linguistics and sociolinguistics and to increase our knowledge of the characteristics of English language. It includes eleven papers which address a variety of research questions but with the commonality of a corpus-based methodology.